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Risk assessment and market research.


Ongoing market and trend analysis.


Talks and seminars to help your business understand the world of the blockchain (based in South Africa).

The Team

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Simon de la Rouviere

Simon has contributed to several open source projects in the blockchain space since 2011: from payment channels, OpenBazaar, newer '2.0' platforms, up to creating a token-based decentralized band, called The Cypherfunks. He has appeared on South African national TV news, German radio and gave several talks about Bitcoin: including Nedgroup Investment's national convention in South Africa.

Before Bitcoin, he graduated with MA (cum laude) in Socio-Informatics from Stellenbosch University (with help from MIH Media Lab) and created 2 successful sites used by more than a million people ( & TwimeMachine).

He is currently writing a book on the use of the blockchain for a new future of decentralized systems: from marketplaces & law to virtual reality & AI.

Internet Band

Frederick Lutz

Fred is the co-founder and COO of Custos Media Technologies, a company using blockchain-based technology to solve digital piracy. In his role as chief business developer for Custos, and more generally as a cryptocurrency evangelist, his focus is on the current and future market potential of blockchain-based technologies.

In his free time (and on paper) he is an economist, specialising in the economics of information and communication technologies, and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Blog: Twitter: @auconomy.

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